Hupa Tribe Brush Dance Demonstration, November 5, 2015


The Brush Dance (Xon'na'we in the Hupa language) is a ceremony performed by several Northern California tribes in order to heal a sick person; traditionally, this meant a person of any age and any ailment (physical, mental, emotional, etc). In modern days, the person in the pit being healed is primarily an infant or toddler. This demonstration will be performed by Boyd Ferris and other members of the Hupa tribe.

Boyd Ferris is a social work graduate of Humboldt State University and currently works as a substance abuse counselor for the Hupa Valley Tribe's Division of Human Services. He participates in many different community outreach activities as a way to stay tied to the culture and to help members of the community live clean and sober lives. This event is hosted by the American Indian Student Association in collaboration with the Cross Cultural Centers. Come join us to learn more about the Hupa tribe and meet other American Indian students.

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